An intelligent collection

All the books, which are clearly written and have excellent pictures, are organised according to strict philological criteria.

Embroidery is not a matter of learning skills alone – it is a cultural dimension and social practice as well. To embroider, reasoning is as important as fingers and hands.

Openwork embroidery is a kind of drawn-thread work created in the fifteenth century from the satin stitch, curl stitch and reticello.

The Punto Antico books show the items made by Bruna Gubbini, a famous Italian embroiderer. Starting from classic, traditional patterns she renewed embroidery and adapted it to modern linen.

Aemilia ars is needle lace typical of the town of Bologna. It owes its name to the Aemilia Ars cooperative that, at the beginning of the twentieth century, founded schools and laboratories in Bologna. Here, precious items were made with this technique. Famous artists designed beautiful patterns for Aemilia Ars under the supervision of Alfonso Rubbiani.